Katja von Glinowiecki – expat coach, intercultural trainer, consultant
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Katja von Glinowiecki


How does it feel to put down new roots in a foreign country? There are as many answers as there are people. Everyone is unique. But the challenges that await us far from home are more homogeneous – because our direct environment and our attitude to change are the basis for everything we want to grow.


I am happy that my experiences draw on such different roles in various phases of my life: as a single person, working various jobs abroad (France, Australia, China), as a married woman and salaried employee (China), and as a married mother of three, working as a freelancer (India, China, Germany).


Living abroad cannot be compared to a holiday trip – everyday life presents completely different challenges. My personal source of motivation is my curiosity: I love to immerse myself in foreign cultures, to learn the sound of new languages, and to question my personal habits in light of the inspiring diversity I encounter.


Putting my own views and values to the “cultural test” gives me inner riches that I have enjoyed for many years. Some people love the wide range of cuisines, which also impressively reflects how wonderfully diverse human beings are. For men, it is often football that makes borders disappear in no time at all. What is the personal “door” connecting you to the world? Let’s find out, together!

10 years of work experience in international teams0%

8 years of entrepreneurial experience0%

10 years living and working abroad0%


certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)


for communication, behaviour, and intercultural topics


project management experience in organisations, as entrepreneur and expat


Business Communication at HTW, Berlin


certified for the DiSC ® personality model


over 10 years working and living abroad