Intercultural training: jump-starting your life and work abroad
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Intercultural training


When it comes to practical matters, my own experiences abroad can act as shortcuts for others. It’s less about knowledge of the region that will be your new home; it’s primarily about how your new life feels. Let me give a quick example: In cities that are growing so rapidly that you can literally watch them grow, there is an atmosphere of constant unrest and change. Here, by taking a lot of personal responsibility, experienced expats can create special, personal conditions for a stable daily routine. These emotional challenges, and how to deal with them, are topics that no one can read up on – that’s why we address them together. In small groups or individual training sessions – for family members, as well.


My focus is on three countries: India, China, and Germany.
I accompany you in consciously perceiving intercultural differences as well as stereotypes, in order to better accept and understand foreign cultures.


Agencies and companies I work with